Professional Backgrounds for Web Conferencing

In my previous post I mentioned the importance of asking participants to share their video. One tip that I shared was downloading a background. I curated a list of curated lists of professional background images that I hope you find useful. When you find an image that you like, simply right click on it, then click “Save As”.

  • Elite Daily curated an amazing list of 8 professional backgrounds. I recommend each background on this list to switch up your scenery.
  • The front page of Biteable is offering several free downloadable backgrounds that I would consider highly professional. You do not have to create an account to download the images.
  • Innovatus Design created some beautiful home office scenes to consider. They offer 3 on their website. Consider your audience as you choose these backgrounds.
  • Breather is offering several neutral conferencing spaces to keep it professional.

So, you don’t want to turn on your video?

This last week I had the privilege to attend the Minnesota Change Management Network Unconference. In our meeting an important question was raised on what do you do when someone does not want to turn on their video? I decided to make an infographic with 3 tips on what to do to encourage participants to turn on their video. I practice these daily on the job and These tips could work in any setting — corporate, non-profit, and university setting. Do you have a tip to add? Comment below.

Mood Boarding

Mood Board (n): an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

This week, I am playing with mood boards this week to understand the tools, process and capture an aesthetic for future designs. After attending the UX Design presentation from Mel Milloway, I decided to try it to better understand the process and to capture some of the amazing experience that I am seeing online and in some of the interactions. Hopefully this will jump start creativity.

I am using Adobe Spark this week and testing the features of the free tool. My first uses appears that it is similar to Canva. It has the option of creating a short video with stock music. From some of the other mood boards that I’ve seen, Pinterest is definitely a good start and place for the inspiration…but I would like to try to keep a board for professional/play use.

Do you mood board? If so, what tools do you use to “capture the mood” and creative sparks?

Reimagine the Needs Analysis

This round of creating role-based onboarding/inboarding training, I am employing a few new-to-me techniques to think creatively and involve my end user in the process. In 1 week, several end users will arrive at my office to go through a day-long needs analysis session. I will be using design thinking techniques to facilitate the day. I am particularly excited about my “ideate” session where we will use a combination of SCAMMPERR, Brainswarming and mind-mapping to generate ideas about how the future training should look. As I am designing this…I am secretly hoping we will come up with this solution: Star Wars Onboarding Training!